I have written about football for many years, contributing to various blogs on a range of topics. The following are some of my favourite published articles.


On non-league day back in 2015 I went along to see my local team Clapton, which handed a debut to England’s first black professional footballer, Walter Tully, back in 1908, was the club of Benjamin Odeje, the first black footballer to represent England at any level, and was the first English team to play football outside the UK. And, it now has a supporter base of ‘Ultras.’

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Cycling Locations

I created a series of articles advising cyclists on interesting locations to go cycling that might not immediately consider, including this article exploring Yorkshire’s rich cycling opportunities.

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Football Supporters’ Federation

I’ve built a close relationship with the FSF, who invited me to write a couple of guest articles about the ongoing mess unfurling at my club Bolton Wanderers.

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