I create marketing content for global B2B technology organisations. I have a passion for all things technology-related and am particularly interested in the potential that technology has to improve the way we live and transform how businesses work. Below are a few examples of written content that I have created for clients.

Lenovo Data Center Group

I worked on a series of campaigns focused on how technology can help businesses to solve their biggest challenges.

Blog:  Cultivating a Connected World with Emerging Technology

Blog:  Power like never before – technology’s role in solving our greatest challenges

SAP Ariba

I worked SAP Ariba execs on a series of thought leadership articles around how procurement technology can help businesses to clean up their supply chains and move closer to ending modern slavery.

Article on Raconteur:  Time for a 21st Century Wilberforce to tackle modern-day slavery


I created a content series around cybersecurity firm SecureData “hacking themselves” through sister company Sense Post, including the below whitepaper and blog.

Whitepaper:  Threat Detection Lessons From Hacking Ourselves

Blog:  The Scary Lessons we Learned From Hacking Ourselves


I helped this Israeli AI-powered security startup DocAuthority to launch their blog and created a series of content aimed at the Chief Data Officer.

Blog:  How AI helps CDOs seize control of huge amounts of critical data

Blog:  How to understand what business data you have

Blog:  What is Data Loss Prevention


I created a series of blogs and long-form content for productivity software business Kivue. It advised PMOs on the need for more efficient reporting processes and technology.

Blog:  Ineffective reporting processes cause a Communication Chasm: The PMO View

Infopaper:  Engage senior execs with perfect portfolio reporting

Whitepaper:  PMO v Exec: Closing the communication chasm

Other Technology Content

I am passionate about new technology, specifically exploring how technology can improve peoples’ lives and transform the way that businesses work. For example, I wrote the below blog on the impact that Industry 4.0 could have for content professionals.

Medium Blog:  Staring into the content future of an Industry 4.0 world

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